Mailbag w/Riv!

We do things a little old school on Listen To This Show - we like e-mail.  Usually with e-mail you get sincere positive or negative feedback.  Nobody is going to take the time to e-mail you unless they really mean what they're saying, and so feedback is always appreciated - even encouraged.  In fact, if you send us e-mails we might just publish them right here on the site with the reply for everyone to see.  So get your best comments about episodes of the show, articles, and anything else ready and you too might be featured in a future mailbag.  E-Mail Us: !

Our guest this week in mailbag comes all the way from the Ukraine and has a very special request of the Listen To This Show podcast hosts: 

My Reply: 

Hello Miroslav, thank you for being a listener to our shows!  We're glad you enjoy Asked, the Riv and Landin Show, and the Isolationist Podcast.  We're also glad that listening to EdWood talk about gay sex, Landin talk about his homicidal thoughts, and Bread Foster yelling at trees in the middle of Buttfuck, Nowhere equals quality family time for you and your loved ones.  Fear not, good friend, there is merchandise available - you can buy Bread Foster's book, and you can purchase Riv & Landin t-shirts, however we do understand you are our #1 (and possibly only) fan in the Ukraine so I've decided on a one-time-offer but we need to know a few things:  Do you have any daughters?  Are they over the age of 18?  Do they have all their limbs and teeth?  Are they pretty?  If you said yes to all of these questions, we'd like to offer you a special deal where you trade your daughter's hand in marriage to Riv in exchange for an autographed Riv & Landin Show t-shirt - the one Landin uses at the gym and gets ball sweat on.  This is a very special gift that your entire family is sure to enjoy, and as a result everybody wins!  Let us know what you think and we'll get right to it!

P.S. If you have no daughters that meet the criteria but your wife does, we'll take your wife, as long as she is gently used.